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Please check the individual sections for information on the courses offered by the working group. If you have any questions, just contact directly.

Theses and research internships

We are always happy to hear from motivated students and employees who would like to work on exciting and challenging chemical problems using modern simulation methods. If you are interested, please contact telephone or in person.

The projects can be in the field of simulation of chemical reactions and physical processes or be methodologically oriented. The individual projects will be determined in consultation with you according to your inclinations and interests and are based on current research topics. Programming skills or sound knowledge of mathematical methods are helpful, but not necessary. If you have any questions, just ask us or drop by.

Bachelor's/Master's theses: For students of biochemistry, chemistry, business chemistry, physics and related STEM subjects, we offer the opportunity to write your Master's or Bachelor's thesis with us throughout the year.

Research internships: Subject to sufficient places, we offer you the opportunity to carry out a research internship in our group throughout the year.

Qualification/elective module: To promote basic knowledge in the theoretical description of chemical problems as well as knowledge of simulation methods, we offer a separate qualification module from summerterm 2024, which can also be attended as a compulsory elective module in the Master's program. If you are interested, please contact Jun.-Prof. Jan Meisner by .

The first preliminary meeting is expected to take place on 09.04.2024 at 10:30 am in room

Modules "Mathematical Methods in Chemistry" (BSc. Chemistry) and "Mathematics" (BSc. Biochemistry)

Please refer to the LSF for information on the corresponding modules. There you will also be informed whether these courses (will) take place in presence or in digital form.

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